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Concept of GOD in Zorastisim

God in Zoroastrianism is known as ‘Ahura Mazda’. ‘Ahura’ means ‘the Lord’ or ‘The Master’ and ‘Mazda’ means ‘the Wise’; hence ‘Ahura Mazda’ means ‘the Wise Lord’ or ‘the Wise God’. Ahura Mazda stands for God, in a strictly monotheistic sense.


Qualities of God according to the Dasatir:

According to the Dasatir, Ahura Mazda has the following qualities:

  • He is One.
  • He is without an origin or end.
  • He has no father or mother, wife or son.
  • He is without a body or form.
  • Nothing resembles Him.
  • Neither the eye can behold Him, nor the power of thinking can conceive him
  • He is above all that you can imagine.
  • He is nearer to you than your own self.

The Concept of God In Islam

The Oneness of God in Islam

Qualities of God according to Avesta

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According to the Avesta, the Gathas and the Yasna give various characteristics to Ahura Mazda such as:

Creator Yasna 31:7 & 11
Yasna 44:7
Yasna 50:11
Yasna 51:7
Most Mighty the Greatest
Yasna 33:11
Yasna 45:6
Beneficent Hudai.
Yasna 33:11
Yasna 48:3
Bountiful Spenta;
Yasna 43:4,5,7,9,11,13,15
Yasna 44:2
Yasna 45:5
Yasna 46:9
Yasna 48:3


Thus, in Zoroastrianism too, we find a concept of an eternal, omnipotent God. Several verses of Yasna praise the Lord as a Bountiful Creator.




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